The Graveyard of Research Project’s

Research projects I have started (but maybe not finished), proposed (sometimes on the back of envelope) or submitted for funding. Most were prepared in collaboration with other academics, industry partners and generously facilitated by university research staff. The intention in listing them here is the hope that they might still have some kind of life; or further thoughts for someone.  It is also a good way to explain what I do in academia. When the students aren’t around we are usually working pretty hard on these kinds of things.

For the most part all of the research projects are centred around architectural design in some way. As an overall and general strategy the research seeks to:

  • Define the limits and cogency of architectural design as an activity within different socio-technical systems.
  • Map design as an archipelago rather than seeing it as a cipher for particular ideologies or technological mantras.
  • Explore the dialectics between different socio-technical views of design and construction.
  • Explore continuous blurring disciplinary boundaries between architectural design and other fields of knowledge.

The projects are listed below in chronological order with links to more detailed summaries. Enjoy !!!

Design Value and high density housing project (2012)

This research aimed to quantify the benefits of Design Quality in complex medium and high density housing projects. Now an extremely topical subject in my city of Melbourne. 

Smoothing the BIM Transition (2012-2013)

If funded this research project was to be the first empirical research to establish how the collaborative mechanisms of BIM and BIM capabilities can be utilised in small Australian architectural practices.

Robots and construction (2014)

The primary aim of the research was to explore how robotic fabrication chains can assist in improving the energy efficiency of existing building envelopes. It was a kind of crazy idea but our aim was to construct and test a prototype supply chain that integrated environmental sensing with robotic fabrication.